COMD-400 | Project Poster

Prepare a poster that represents the topic or problem space of your project proposal (11 x 17). This poster will be used to communicate your idea to the rest of the class and begin a discussion about your inquiry. It is an opportunity to gain feedback from a wide variety of peers so it is important to make it communicate and ask questions as needed.

Somne categories of information to include in your poster:
  • Project name if you have one, with by-line
  • Problem space or problem statement (could be a question or a project opportunity)
  • Two to three project directions that live within this topic or problem space
  • List some references, precedents, theoretical resources
  • Include questions or spaces for suggestions, if needed

Think about organizing some of this content using subtitles (Project Name, Overview, References, etc) and using illustrations, sketches, photographs or diagrams to show elements of the project, precedents, other examples.

Please ensure you have your poster ready to pin up on the wall at the start of class on Thursday morning.