DESN-400 Project Book

1.0 Design proposal
2.0 Project thesis
3.0 Research
 3.1 precedent
 3.2 secondary
 3.3 primary
4.0 Process
 4.1 ideation
  4.1.1 divergent
  4.1.2 convergent
 4.2 reflection
 4.3 iteration
 4.4 refinement
5.0 Solution
 5.1 documentation
 5.2 conclusion
6.0 Appendix
 6.1 bibliography
 6.2 definitions list
The final version of project book should be delivered as a perfect bound print publication but a PDF is sufficient for end of semester 1. Alternatively you can opt to make your project book fully digital in the form of a web site; this may be appropriate if you are hoping for wider dissemination of your work (particularly if your project itself is solely print-based).


The intent of the project book is to present the breadth and scope of the work that went into your project. As the name suggests, this is more than merely a process document. Rather, it’s a publication that embodies your ideas and insights, your research, the various stages of your design process, and a documentation of your final completed project. Importantly, it is also the contextual understanding of these things and a communication of their interrelated impact and influence. Finally it is an artifact of your capstone year as a student at Emily Carr and a manifestation of how you wish to be perceived as you enter the community of professional designers.


The design proposal should start with an executive summary that includes an overview of the proposal. This could be followed by the goals and objectives, the existing competitive or opportunity space, the target audience, the process you intend to use, and the material outcome you anticipate.


This can take a traditional form where you write about what you intend to show in terms of addressing a particular problem space or design question, but it can also be more like a mission statement or an elevator pitch that captures the readers imagination (don’t get crazy).


Here you show the research you’ve done to support your decisions that will be presented later. Remember that in order to understand the value of the research you should show how it informed design decisions and you can do that through things like footnotes or pull quotes. The work should capture the breadth of research including precidents, secondary research (including an annotated bibliography), and primary research.


At this stage you should know how to document your process, just remember to contextualize all the research you’ve done by addressing how it informed your design decisions.


Finally you should document your final work and provide some summary conclusion that provides a good closing to the document.

6.0 Appendix

This is where you include your bibliography and your stipulative definitions list. The bibliography submitted at the beginning of the semester should be an annotated bibliography but this one doesn't need to be annotated.