COMD-217 Project Three: I Can See Clearly Now

Short Video (about 3 to 5 minutes)
1080p or 720p resolution (No 4K!)
Uploaded to Vimeo or Youtube
This project is worth 40% of your grade



Create a video about a favorite place in Vancouver. This can be a beach, a coffee shop, a nightclub, a library (not Emily Carr’s), anything really. Think of it as a travel vlog or similar where you introduce your audience to the place and instill in them the desire to check it out for themselves.
Option 1: You will be required to shoot the video yourself, include voice track (you or your actor speaking to the camera/viewer), additional sound effects, a background audio track (music that fades in and out as appropriate to the content), motion graphic elements (for effects or transitions), and kinetic type for titles and closing credits.
Option 2: If you choose you can also change the subject matter to something else, for instance a short dramatic piece (aliens attack Emily Carr?) or a mock doc (david attenborough discovering the endangered sunbather at Kits Beach?), but you must incorporate the same elements as described in option 1.
Depending on how you want the video to look and the audio to sound you can use any equipment available to you, either your own equipment (a phone even), borrowed from the crib, borrowed from me (under the right conditions), or rented from somewhere. It’s up to you the level you want to take this to but you will be expected to incorporate all the elements described above, regardless of the equipment used.

Due Date
Concept and Storyboard: November 7th Storyboard Due: March 22nd
Test Footage and/or B roll: March 29th
Effects Footage Due: April 5th
Final Project Due: April 12th