COMD-217 Project Three: Video Advertising

Short Video: 10 or 15 seconds)
Recommended resolution: 1080p
Uploaded to Vimeo or Youtube
This project is worth 40% of your grade



Create a short video advertising to promote a real or ficticious product, brand, or service much like you see on Youtube or in the banner and sidebar ads that frequent many news and media websites.
Optional: If you have a project in one of your other classes that requires video you could choose to work on that instead, as long as it fits the criteria listed below.

Criteria: Whether you create the short web ad or choose to work on an alternate project you must include all the following elements; video recorded on a camera of some sort (not exclusively computer generated), vector graphic elements (motion graphic), and some kinetic type.

Depending on how you want the video to look and the audio to sound you can use any equipment available to you, either your own equipment (a phone even), borrowed from the crib, borrowed from me (under the right conditions), or rented from somewhere. It’s up to you the level you want to take this to but you will be expected to incorporate all the elements described above, regardless of the equipment used.

Due Date
Precedents Storyboard Due: November 6th
Effects Footage Due: November 20th
Final Project Due: November 27th