COMD-217 Project Two | Kinetic Type

Kinetic Type Video (1-3 minutes)
1080p or 720p resolution (No 4K!)
Uploaded to Vimeo or Youtube
Rhetorical Tropes
hyperbole, synecdoche, simile, metaphor, personification, amplification, etc...



In this project you will apply some of the basic design principles to the development of a kinetic type project.


As the name suggests you will be making type move on the screen (kinetic means movement) and in doing so you will convey a message or tell a story. Think of this as dynamic reading that guides the reader through the experience with visual transformations and movement. The application of visual rhetoric will be very useful to this project in conveying certain characteristics with the typographic elements and words.
To begin the project you will choose a quote, monologue, or song lyric to animate the type to in order to convey the meaning within the audio source and you will use rhetorical tropes to draw attention and create emphasis on key areas that you want to convey.
It is recommended that you maintain typography and typographic elements as your primary and dominant graphical element. Its okay to use graphical emphasis and the occasional decoration to the typographic elements (think personification or contrast), typography should overwhelmingly dominate.

Due Date

Wednesday, October 30th