COMD-217 Project One | Motion Graphic

Short motion graphic (15-20 seconds)
1080p or 720p resolution (No 4K!)
Uploaded to Vimeo or Youtube
Some Design Elements
points, lines, shapes, scale, colour, value, texture...
Some Design Principles
hierarchy, symmetry, asymmetry, proximity, repetition, tension, dynamics, pattern, alignment, contrast...



Create a short animation (roughly 15 seconds) using only points, lines, and basic shapes to communicate what you feel are the most important design elements and design principles.


Using Adobe Illustrator and After Effects you will choose 4 elements and 4 principles that your feel are most important to graphic design. The animation will be graphic only but you may use text to define the principle or element you are representing (like a title). You will start by developing a storyboard that focuses on how you intend to represent each concept, how much time you will give to each, and how you transition between them. You will develop your assets in Adobe Illustrator and then import them into After Effects for animating. You will also add audio to the video to make it more engaging and should consider syncing the movements to the audio.
It is recommended that you stick to simple graphic elements and audio, don’t complicate things too much but feel free to experiment and explore to the degree you feel is possible given the limited time for this first project.

Due Date

Wednesday, October 2nd